Oopsies… Can I blame it on finals again?

So… It’s June.  Almost July.  And I have not blogged in 2 months…. yeah.  That’s pretty much how life has been, lol.  I decided to take summer classes and let’s just say that a 4+ month Bachelor’s course crammed into a little more than a month has been NO fun!

I also took a trip back to Jersey!!!  One of my best friends from back home got married and it was WONDERFUL!  I hadn’t been back in two and a half years so it was MUCH appreciated.  Note to self: do NOT go that long again without visiting!!!

I also have not felt motivated to post because I have been struggling with being “fit fit.”  I injured my foot (being clumsy, of course) and bruised a bunch of tenons along the arch of my foot.  While most shoes continued to fit no problem, the insole of my running shoes all hit right where the majority of the pain centered.  The inability to run on the regular without pain combined with the stresses of school and work have also wrecked havoc on my diet.  

17 Things People On A Diet Are Tired Of Hearing

I gained back more of the weight than I thought I had (stepping on the scale… ouch!) and while not completely back to square one, I feel discouraged and even less amped to run or work out.  

I am hoping by posting today and airing my faults (we all have ‘em!), I can move on and get back on the right track!  

My First Stitch Fix!!!

Okay so I mentioned yesterday that I would be receiving my first “fix” from Stitch Fix, and I was SUPER excited about it!  I already highlighted the basics in my previous post, so no need to rehash :P

Let’s dive into the box!


So first of all, how cute is the pattern inside the box???  I loved the little details and personal feel of what I received.

IMG_5464 IMG_5851IMG_0122

I had a note written from my stylist talking about how to pair the items and why they were picked for me!  I received two tops, one cardigan, one pair of jeans and one dress.


  • Tulip Top

IMG_3485 IMG_2635  IMG_7562 IMG_9851

So this piece got me the MOST excited when I went through the box!  It’s a cheerful, bright yellow with a subtle white tulip print.  While it did look nice on, the stitching on the arms made lifting them at all quite difficult, let alone when I tried to take the top off (it would have made a great YouTube video, lol).  The other thing I did not like about the top was the seam going right down the middle of the shirt!  If that was in the back, I probably would have kept it, but alas, it’s going back!

  • Blue Tank

IMG_6030 IMG_3907 IMG_0703

This top made me cringe.  I gave it the benefit of the doubt and tried it on, but no dice!  I did NOT like the pattern or the overly SOLID trim around the neckline.  It also completely hid whatever semblance of a figure i have and gave me a boxy shape that made me look SUPER flat-chested.  No thanks!

  • Coral Dress

IMG_5543 IMG_5308

I REALLY wanted to like this dress, but it just did not fit me right.  Too tight in some places, too loose in others.  And I have a longer torso and where the band hit me too high accentuated my hourglass shape in a really strange way.  I loved the color though, out od nearly all the clothes I have purchased in the last year, probably half are some shade of coral, haha!  Sending back!

  • Skinny Jeans

IMG_3735 IMG_8605

I have a really tough time finding any jeans that fit me well, let alone skinny jeans!  These were SO comfortable and the perfect color, but did not fit well.  I had them pulled up (like to almost Steve Urkel proportions) and the crotch still was low!  Not to mention the length-they could have doubled as socks since they covered more than half of my feet, lol!  The one plus was that they did fit my hip area, but the rest (upper thigh through the ankle) were baggy.  Maybe next time?

  • Striped Cardigan

IMG_1469 IMG_4245 IMG_2975 IMG_4692

Living in FL, we are subjected to scorching hot temperatures outside while business counteract with artic temps inside!  I always have some sort of cover up when I go out- scarf/wrap, cardigan, sweatshirt, etc. so I was happy to see one in my fix!  This sweater is super lightweight and a great color that can go with almost anything!  I love that I can leave it draped in the front (it lays really nicely!) or wrap it around more!  Needless to say, I kept it!

Overall I was pleased with 4/5 of the picks for my fix, but unfortunately only 1 piece fit well enough to keep (but my wallet was happy, lol).  I already am set for my next fix to come (right before my birthday!) and hope that my feedback will translate into an even better fix next time!

I signed up for Stitch Fix on my own and was not compensated in any way.  All opinions are my own.

Makes Me Happy Mondays III

It’s time for the third installment of “Makes Me Happy Mondays” :)  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Since Mondays are like my Saturdays with my work schedule, I often find myself quite busy on them, but am super thankful that I am able to share things that are making me smile in the hopes that they make you happy too :)

  • My curling wand

I purchased the Remington Pearl Ceramic Curling Wand almost two years ago and before this month, probably used it a whopping 7 times.  However, I found a pin on Pinterest showing a quick “lazy” way to curl your hair in less than five minutes… Let me just say, IT IS AMAZING!  Simply put your hair in a SUPER high pony (like almost at your forehead).  Set the wand to a high temp (make sure you protect your hair with some sort of spray/serum made for heat-styling).  Now the next part depends on how much hair you have/how tight you want your curls- seperate your hair into 5-10 sections and curl, wrapping the hair away from your face.  Hold until the thickest part of the wrapped hair is heated through.  Repeat until all sections are curled, then spray with hairspray of your choice.  Take out the ponytail, shake and spray again.  Finger-style as needed.  Here’s my (second day) result:


My curls lasted TWO DAYS!  On the second day, I simply combed through my hair with a wide-toothed comb and was ready to go!


  • Stitch Fix

I have read several blogs about the company Stitch Fix. Basically how it works: you answer a series of questions about your age, sizes, and proportions, what you like/dislike in terms of style, and what types of pieces you like, and a personal stylist puts together pieces like tops, dresses, etc. (a “fix”) and sends them out to you for a price.  You then evaluate what you like in the fix and either choose to keep or send back any/all pieces.  They will apply what you paid to be styled towards the piece(s) you want to keep!  I will receive my first fix today, and I am SUPER excited!!!  Look for my blog post tomorrow for a recap and on Instagram for photos!


  • My Fitness Pal

I have been struggling lately with my diet, fitness routine, and merely staying motivated to run/work out.  A big part of that is holding myself accountable.  I have tried in the past to use calorie counters etc. but always trail off after a few days.  Almost two weeks ago, I decided to make a commitment to stay with it and I re-downloaded My Fitness Pal to my phone.  My first week was GREAT, but last week I struggled with my diet.  Between a stressful work week (Spring break at Disney (YIKES) and block outs for the discounted tickets (DOUBLE YIKES) have not made my days easy) and the final push towards finals with school, I have not been eating well.  I am a stress-eater, and I was guilty of overindulging the past few days :/ But, today starts a new week!  I am proud that even when I was eating the extra calories, I didn’t “forget” to log anything like I would in the past.


  • Darcy Chronicles

It’s probably the understatement of the century when I say I miss my dogs.  As much as I love my old man Leo, Darcy has wormed her way into my heart.  My baby girl tends to be a bit of a troublemaker, but she’s so darn cute that she can pretty much get away with anything, lol!  My dad has taken to text me photos and stories every couple days so I can keep tabs on my girl!

Darcy playing with a puppy!

Darcy playing with a puppy!

Darcy "helping" with the laundry!

Darcy “helping” with the laundry!

Darcy decided she no longer wanted her toys/the lining in her toy basket :P

Darcy decided she no longer wanted her toys/the lining in her toy basket :P

Darcy and her bestie (a big Doberman!)

Darcy and her bestie (a big Doberman!)



So what is making you happy this Monday?  Have any of you tried Stitch Fix?  How do you hold yourself accountable with your diet/fitness?

Planning Ahead!

While working part-time gives me plenty of time to get the things done that I need to on my days off, I still wish there were more days in the week!  I spent the first half of my day trying to find a new eye doctor who would accept my new health insurance plan.  I am super lucky and thankful to have found a new plan that was not only cheaper than my old one, but also offers dental and eye coverage!  Though locating a doctor that accepts it is proving a tad challenging, lol.  But I think I have found one!  I am SO overdue for an eye appointment… Britt needs some new glasses and contacts!

Unfortunately I could not fit in a run yesterday or today :(  Today’s weather seemed to have it out for me:  I laced up my sneakers not once or twice but THREE TIMES.  Every time I started out the door, the sky opened up and decided to dump buckets of rain!

I did get lots done around my house though- coupons all organized, reorganized my kitchen cabinets, laundry, and cleaning!

Today I also booked lots of travel things!  First, I signed up for a new race!  I’ll be running the Memorial Day Veteran’s Run 10K in Punta Gorda!  I was so glad to find a race that I wouldn’t have to request off of work for :)  Hopefully I will have a good time to put me in a better corral for ToT and WnD!  Second, I booked my trip back “home” (Jersey) for one of my best friend’s weddings!  I am SO excited to be heading north, as it’s been almost two and a half YEARS since I’ve visited!  Plus another good friend of mine is having a baby next month so I’ll get to meet him while I am there too!!!


So what are you looking forward to in the coming months?  

Makes Me Happy Monday II

Has it really been a month since I last posted???  OOPS!  I would like to personally apologize to my faithful readers and also bring back Makes Me Happy Mondays!  Let’s GO!

  • Salt Water Taffy!

My parents recently went on a trip to Salt Lake City and my mom brought me back a bag of salt water taffy from Taffy Town.  Now, growing up in NJ with summers spent “down the shore” on the boardwalks, I can be a bit of a taffy snob- too much flavor/too bland, too hard/too soft, etc.  I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the taffy!  My mom custom made a mix of flavors that she thought I would like!  So far, I have LOVED the caramel swirl, strawberry and watermelon flavors!  I can’t wait to try the rest :P

434 - Strawberry Taffy415 - Caramel Swirl Taffy433 - Watermelon Taffy

(Photos courtesy of the Taffy Town website)

  • Couch to 10K

Since I have some time before I need to get seriously training for my next race, I have decided to restart the C210K app from Zen Labs.  I fully credit this app for getting me started in the world of running!  My goal this time around is to gain some speed.  I already have bumped up my run/jog speed on the treadmill and hope to get great results and be in a great spot when I start seriously training for my fall races!

  • Green Smoothies

A friend of mine introduced me via Instagram to the magic of Green Smoothies.  You may have noticed their appearances on my blog from time to time.

I am currently partaking in Simple Green Smoothie‘s 30 Day Challenge.  They hold them every couple months and they take all the guesswork out of creating recipes and help you plan ahead by sending out shopping lists each week and several recipes to make!  So far, my favorite has been the Berry Protein Bash (spinach, almond milk, berries, banana and almonds!).  They are meant to supplement your daily diet and I have been enjoying them as part of my post-run routine!

I have a confession to make: I am kind of OBSESSED with candles!  I almost constantly have one burning in my apartment.  Bath and Body Works candles have been a staple of mine for several years for many reasons. The most important reason?  They actually smell like what they say they should!  How many times have you bought a candle that was supposed to smell like apples but when you burn it, the smell either goes away or morphs into a sickeningly sweet perfume-y odor that smells nothing like what the candle did when you purchased it?  Well, with Bath and Body Works, that has never been an issue for me!  I love that the candle smells exactly the same in the jar as it does lit (and continues to put out the same aroma until it’s gone).  My current scent is Watermelon Lemonade to get me in the summer mood (since FL was in the 90’s today, it was a good fit!)


So what are some things making you happy this Monday?


While I fully support all products/services listed, I was not compensated in any way and all opinions are my own!

Stating the Facts

Whew! So this is my first week that I am actually working PART-TIME (which was what I was hired for, haha). Thus, I have a few minutes to update you all on my life!
-I am officially moved into my apartment: aka. NO MORE BOXES! I still need to find things to put on my bare walls, but that will come in time! I am still on the lookout for a few more furniture pieces, but my wallet says I need to wait :P
-I am all signed up for TWO Disney races: the ToT 10 miler and the WnD half. I was on the fence about doing the Wine and Dine half again after my experience last year, but decided to give it another go (and it’s an anniversary year with a special medal). Luckily, I have a friend from my college program days to run BOTH races with :) PS, you can check out her blog here: Megarella on the Run

-School is kicking my BUTT. In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have taken such a heavy course load, but lesson learned for future semesters! I feel like I am doing twice the work in these classes (which are all online) that I did when I actually had to GO to classes 1-4x a week!
-Lastly (and arguably the biggest thing)… MY NEW JOB! I am now (officially) a Vacation Planner at Epcot! The training for the job was REALLY extensive, but I learned so much about both the job and the company. So far, I am really enjoying the work and the people I work with! I still am learning something new every day and can’t wait ’til I am a pro :)

So that’s all for the catch-up game! Now that I have free time during the week, I will be back to regular postings! Hope you all are doing well!