Yikes, has it really been almost two months since I last posted?  My bad…

BUT I do have LOTS of news to share as part of the reason I have not been here to post.

  • I left my job
  • I moved back to south FL
  • I went back to school
  • I got another dog

And I feel like I may be leaving some things out but those are the most pressing issues.  I decided to leave my life in Orlando and head for quiet south Florida to finish up school.  Unfortunately, my house is currently sublet through at least next year, so I am living with the parents for a while.  Not ideal, but it sure saves some money (especially since I am now a full-time student with NO job :/).  Being back in school and on campus is definitely weird, but good.  I need to be done and get my official piece of paper and call it a day:P  I should be graduating with my Associates in the spring (all my prerequisites are done, but still need 2 classes for my major) and I should be diving in headfirst to my Bachelor’s in the fall!  Thankfully, after the spring, I will be able to start substitute teaching for a taste of my field (and a paycheck, woohoo!).  I am so thankful that I have parents who are supportive of me and my dreams!

My other big news is that we adopted a new dog!  Unfortunately, the canine love of my life is sick (not that you would know it by being around him), and his outlook is pretty grim.  Leo has been our baby for ten years now and needless to say we are quite broken up about it. After lots of “subtle” hints to my parents (from bringing up stories about dogs that I used to work with, to filling the dvr with Dogs 101 and Dog Whisperer episodes) and some minor begging, they went to Petsmart last weekend and rescued a new baby sister for Leo: Miss Darcy Jane.

She is a six month Scnocker (Schnauzer-Cocker Spaniel mix) and sweet as pie.  However, the poor thing (being from a rescue) has been quite sick the last few days and living in the vet’s office to make sure that she’s okay and that she won’t get Leo sick.  Talk about an emotional roller-coaster!

Life has pretty much been taking care of the pups, going to school, swimming in the pool, and going to the beach (oh how I have missed it!).  As today is the first official day of Autumn (my favorite season of ALL), I am hoping that the temperatures start to cool off some so that I can start running again (miss that free gym at my apartment!).  Until then, walks with the dogs will have to suffice!


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