Another Lazy Sunday!

Well… I can honestly say that I pretty much did NOTHING that I needed to do today… My bad!

I woke up fairly early, but was exhausted and did not move until I was coaxed out of bed by a very hyper puppy!  Missed having Darcy around!

I worked on some schoolwork for a bit while watching some clips from last night’s SNL (LOVE Joseph Gordon-Levitt!) and The Princess Bride.  Then, I remembered that I needed to go grocery shopping… Which I normally love to do, on any day that is not a Saturday or Sunday that is haha!  Then I had to rush home since the Eagles/Cardinals game was on (OUCH… rough day for Philadelphia Fans).

Dinner was a fave- TACOS!  Yum-O!  Then since Ben and Jerry’s was BOGO I had to sample some Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream for dessert… and I MAY have stolen a bite… or two… from my dad’s Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch.  Can’t stay away from the toffee 🙂

Now, trying to study some before a FULL day of classes tomorrow that I am not ready for.


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