Kicking School’s BUTT

Today was a day that I thought could have been awful and it turned out WONDERFULLY!

I stayed up late last night watching the Eagles/Giants game (talk about a nail-biter until the end!).  I’m glad my favorite boys came away with another win, but I swear, with the way these games have been going, I may need blood pressure medicine! 😛 

Now, I used to be a major night owl  but lately (thanks to school and a very QUIET new hometown) I have been in bed before 11 and up around 8.  Monday is not my earliest day, but it IS my longest day.  I’m in school from 11 AM until 7:30 PM.  Normally, it’s a drawn out day with my difficult classes (Acting- not super hard, but acting is my weak link in my triple threat chain, Physics- need I say more, and Calculus- again, need I say more?).  

Well I kicked BUTT in all my classes today!  I got singled out near the end of Acting to run the scene we are working on.  I have watched it plenty, but had yet to actually run the scene… oops.  Nerves and a few flubbed lines aside, I rocked it.  I think even my professor was surprised.  He purposely picked me because I always keep to myself in the back corner of the room (not that I am sitting obviously by myself, but my age difference and the fact that I am NOT a theatre major like the majority of my class so I do not know many people).  Then came my Physics class, which was pretty difficult since I missed class last week from being sick.  BUT once I caught on, I was up to speed.  

My last class of the day was Calculus.  We had taken a test last week that I felt pretty mediocre about, but I was fairly sure I passed.  I got a B, which I was kinda bummed, but then our professor informed us that only 5 people passed.  Out of 25. 5 people. Needless to say, I was stoked after that, lol!  We won’t go over our tests until Wednesday, but the rest of class I was rocking it 😛

Once I got home, I watched tonight’s How I Met Your Mother (UGH I LOVE THAT SHOW SO MUCH) and then some random shows I have on the DVR (seriously, what did we do before them???).  

Tomorrow is a travelling day since I am off from classes.  I have to be in Orlando for a few hours to get some things done in wrapping up my life in O-Town, then hopefully I will be back in South FL before it is TOO late (and I want to make trivia night!!!).  If weather permits, I would LOVE to run in the morning, but lately, my asthma and the heat have made it impossible!


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