It’s the Weekend!

Yay for the weekend!  This week felt particularly long to me… Probably because this week started with my big scene in acting class and a test in my calculus class!  While I can say that my partner and I ROCKED our scene, I discovered shortly after handing in my calc test that I ROYALLY goofed on a big part of the test 😦  Pretty sure that is one of the worst feelings.  She won’t be posting the grades until Monday so I will have to sweat it out until then :/

The weather here finally started to cool off slightly, but today reverted right back to steamy, humid Florida.  I cannot WAIT for it to feel like fall here.  It’s my FAVORITE season (to the point that I am pretty sure I will have a daughter named Autumn one day) and the number one thing I miss about living up north.  I could drink/eat pumpkin-flavored things all the time and never get sick of them!  Pumpkin-spice lattes have been calling my name, but it’s way too hot to drink one that’s not iced, and iced ones are just not the same 😦

Leo is coming with the family & Darcy to puppy training tomorrow.  We did all of his training ourselves so it should be interesting to see how he does 😛  Then hopefully we can head over to the dog beach with the pups to let them run off some steam.

The rest of the weekend should be pretty quiet.  All I have is physics homework to keep me busy.  Well, that and trying to organize my apartment full of things into a tiny bedroom and bathroom!



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