Weekends have new meaning when you are a full-time student.  As I have said before, I always have a 4 day weekend, but it usually turns into a 5 day weekend thanks to my technology class (yay for finishing my work early and not needing to go back to class on Thursdays!).  Spoiled, I know.  However, lately, my weekend time clock gets VERY messed up.  I always think that Saturday is Sunday and I panic and rush around doing all the homework and studying that I had put off… THEN I remember that it is in fact Saturday and I still have one more day to procrastinate 😛

Today started early since I am dog sitting (yes I know I technically live with the 2 doggies, but they are a HANDFUL when there is just one human caring for them, especially Miss Darcy).  I got them fed and outside for a while and tried to sneak in some extra sleep after… But I am pretty sure that I tossed and turned the majority of the time.

When I woke up, I decided that I would start the C25K program over.  I had kind of abandoned it since I moved to south FL since I no longer had access to an air-conditioned gym and running outside in the Florida heat and humidity (not to mention my asthma) is pretty much a death wish.  Today was nice, weather-wise, but I should have run earlier (it was probably close to noon and around 80 degrees and very sunny!).  No matter, I still managed to do 2 miles in 25 minutes!  Not bad for a first start 😛

Lunch (well technically breakfast since it was my first meal) was a PBFingers original: Egg Sandwich with Muenster Cheese and Raspberry Jelly.  Now I KNOW how it sounds, (I thought the same thing) but trust me, it’s DELICIOUS! I also enjoyed a Pink Grapefruit Sparkling Ice.

The rest of the day was spent doing homework and studying keeping Darcy out of trouble.  Tomorrow (since my parents will be back) will include LOTS of studying and hw!


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