Catching up!

Whew!  Well it has been a crazy time in my life!  

School has picked back up and is keeping me on my toes.  I technically only needed one class to graduate (woo, May 3rd cannot come soon enough), but I had to keep a full-time status, so I am taking 2 cake classes and Calculus II (not quite sure what I was thinking with calc again haha).  As we speak, I am avoiding studying for a big test I have on Monday by updating my blog 😛

The doggies are doing well.  We got a Christmas present from Darcy: She went into heat.  Our “spayed” rescue was in fact intact. Just another wonderful surprise from the rescue organization (if you remember, they also gave us paperwork saying she was vaccinated and dewormed-LIES).  We were able to get her spayed this week and even though she is medicated with pain pills AND tranquilizers, she is still bouncing off the walls.  She’s the cutest little cone head 🙂 

Speaking of “cone heads,” Leo is also in a cone due to his skin allergies flaring up again.  Darcy is of course torturing him relentlessly but he lets her get away with it.  He’s such a good boy 🙂ImageI recently restarted the c25k program, thanks to some snazzy shoes that don’t hurt my feet/make them tingly.  Thanks Saucony!  You’re my new fave!  Unfortunately, the weather had been too darn hot for me to run outside (I’ll take things I miss about living up north for $400, Alex).  AND of course this weekend will be nice and cool and I am spending it studying. Did I mention how glad I will be when this semester ends?

That’s all for now! Have a great weekend, all!


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