Making things difficult

I wonder if I am the only one:  I go into things wanting to take the easiest, least stressful route and always end up making things harder for myself.  I have been torn between majoring in Middle Grades Math and Secondary Math.  My college has us specializing in one of the two, where most colleges certify their students for both.  If I wanted to teach middle school, the only class I would have needed for the bachelor’s program would have been my diversity class.  For secondary math, I needed diversity and calc 2.  Now here’s the kicker about secondary math: several classes have calc 3 and another difficult math class as prerequisites for their curriculum, but do not require them as admission into the program.  So in addition to the 60 hours of upper level courses, I also need to find room in my schedule to take an extra 12 credit hours and still graduate with my class… awesome…

One option is summer classes.  However, my school (yet again) makes this very difficult: they only offer their “difficult” math classes as a double semester class:  I would only be able to take one and it would be the entire summer long.  This could be an option next year, but this summer is a no go.  My baby brother is graduating college in NJ and I WILL be there.  Since most northern schools run on later schedules than southern ones, his ceremony will be right in the middle of the first summer session… My life… lol.  My mom also wants the whole family to go on a cruise to celebrate (not complaining at ALL) so I am sure that will also be at some point this summer.  

SO I would like to take the “easy” route and just stay with Middle Grades, but I think I would regret not doing the harder track and going for secondary.  High school is always where I thought I would be teaching, but I my best math teachers (save 1) were all in middle school.  Luckily, I have until May 23rd to make a decision as to which program to apply for!


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