Smoothie Challenge

I have hopped on the Green Smoothie boat!  A good friend of mine did a challenge in January through Simple Green Smoothies.  She was posting lots of pictures of delicious looking drinks with healthy, flavorful ingredients.  I looked into their website and they offer a “start up kit” for $29.  Right now, they are selling it for only $9 (woohoo!  saved $20!!!).  In the kit, they give you week by week breakdowns and slowly introduce healthy proteins/fats to add to your smoothies.  They have complete recipes and shopping lists so you always know what you need.  I started this March 1st and while I haven’t noticed any big differences, I know my body is loving the addition of more fruits and veggies!


And After: Enjoying Beginner's Luck!
And After: Enjoying Beginner’s Luck!

I also went up to Orlando to see an old friend (and ended up seeing a few more!) and spend the day at Magic Kingdom in Disney.  I hadn’t been back there since early November, so this was my first chance to see New Fantasyland (well, I had already seen some of the circus section, but none of the Beauty and the Beast or Little Mermaid areas!).  It was a wonderful day!  I did miss being able to go there anytime I felt like it when I lived there, but I know I made the right decision to move and finish school.


One of my favorite sites!
One of my favorite sites!

Speaking of school, I ACED my last calculus exam!  I was SO stoked!  Unfortunately, we have another one tomorrow night and I do NOT feel quite so prepared! 😛  Best get to studying!  Until next time!