Long Week

Some weeks in the semester always seem longer than others.  This week, I had 3 tests in addition to 3 projects and a paper due.  Also, since my dad was away, my mom and I wanted to do lots of “girly” things together 🙂 a la chick flicks, dining out at our favorite places and staying up late watching tv.  It was a great week but SO tiring!  Our younger dog Darcy, who is a total daddy’s girl, was particularly testy this week!  Here’s a cute video of her being “punished” 😛

I have been keeping up with my 10k training- I am on week 3!  I typically do around 2.5 miles every other day.  I like to run outside here since the weather has been cooler, but it looks like I will be back in the gym this week!

I am SO thankful that I bought new running shoes.  I always seemed to buy the same ones over and over, but I switched it up and bought Sauconys after I read that they were good for neutral cushioning and wider feet.  They have been a dream to run in: no more tingling toes or shin pain!

My Shoes!

I graduated from week one of the smoothie challenge.  Yesterday and today’s smoothie was almond butter and “jelly.”

Spinach, Frozen Grapes, Banana, and Almond Butter
Spinach, Frozen Grapes, Banana, and Almond Butter

At first, I wasn’t too into it, but the more I drank it, the more I liked it!  Tomorrow’s smoothie is pear based and I am SO looking forward to it 🙂


This week SHOULD be an easy one for me!  I also have an appointment for my passport on Friday!  We are looking into taking a cruise/island vacation in May/June to celebrate my brother’s (and my) graduation.  Afterwards, mom and I have a shopping date in Palm Beach Gardens.  Can’t wait!


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