More Catching Up

So after my tiring and wonderful weekend in Disney World, I had a very full week of school followed by another weekend away.  I am a part of my college’s math team and we participated in the Math Olympics at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville.  Our college used to place every year, but has not in the last three years… which took some of the pressure off, haha.  I was a little uneasy about participating since I am only in calc 2, whereas this test encompassed all levels of calculus, differential equations, physics, advanced statistics, and number theory, but I know this will look good on a resume so I stuck it out 🙂

There were a total of 8 of us selected to go, and we would be split into 2 teams based on practice test scores.  I (along with 2 of my calc classmates) were hoping for the “b team” so there would not be super high expectations… My classmates made that team and I got the last slot on the A Team.  YIKES 😛

The day before, our group ventured up to the university and went out to dinner and had some bonding time.  It was really nice to get to know other people at my school since it’s pretty much a commuter environment where unless you went to high school together, you don’t really interact outside of class.  We had a lot of fun and then had to wake up early for test day.  The test was SUPER hard, and I did my best with it, but ran out of time.  I decided to put “c” for all my unanswered questions, figuring I had a 1 in 5 shot for getting it right…. HAH!  Every single one was wrong… at least 10 questions!!!  What are the odds?! 😛

We had a nice break before we had to return for the team round.  We had lunch in the cafeteria on campus and it was DELICIOUS!  We spent the rest of our downtime interacting with some wild animals on campus, hehe.

Michael and Yami getting close to a goose!
Michael and Yami getting close to a goose!
Cooper hand feeding a squirrel
Cooper hand feeding a squirrel

We DOMINATED the team round, mainly thanks to Michael!  He’s awesome.  We waited around for the awards ceremony…. And… Drumroll please…

Team A!
Team A!

We placed fourth!  We got trophies and a plaque! 🙂



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