Home Stretch!

This post is going to be a little wordy…

I am currently one final away from my Associate’s Degree!  There are so many words to describe how I feel at this moment about it:

Relieved… I am sure you could guess by my age that it’s a little late to finally be earning my 2 year degree.  I started off in college like the majority of my graduating class.  I was at UCF and made lots of friends, but HATED school… There were various reasons attributing to that, which all culminated into me dropping out.  I moved back home and tried the local community college, which I also dropped out of and went to work instead.  I made a couple attempts to go back, but I just was not ready to commit and did not know what I wanted to do with my life.  I worked at a restaurant/bakery/bar for almost five years, in addition to teaching colorguard at the high schools and nannying for several families.  I also enjoyed doing community theatre and singing as often as possible.  Then, after visiting my best friend at her college in Arkansas, I fell in love with the idea of college.  I got to see the type of college experience that I wish I had, not the one I got.  I decided to apply to a small school in south Florida near my parents’ vacation home.  I was accepted pretty quickly and decided to move down in August 2010.  I did really well for 2 semesters and even got accepted into the Disney College Program for an internship.  It lasted a semester and I was hired on after it completed.  I attempted to do online classes at my school, but they did not go as well as I would have liked.  Even though I was excelling at my job at Disney, I decided to walk away and return to school.  It was very hard since I LOVE Disney, but I knew that I needed to finish school before I could do anything else with my life.  I made a 4.0 last semester and (pending some final grades) may repeat that this semester as well!  I worked so hard for that piece of paper and (even though I am not done) feel so proud of myself for making it work.

Anxious… Because I am an older college student, I am really anxious that I may have waited too late to finish my schooling.  I am almost 27, single, still in college, unemployed, and currently living with my parents.  If you would have asked me 10 years ago where I thought my life would be now, not one of those would come to mind.  I know I only have 2 years left, but I will be 29 by the time I am ready to have a real job… if I get hired!  I know that I have done well since I have been back in school full-time, but I have had a VERY large hole to dig out of.

TIRED… When I am stressed, I CANNOT sleep.  Added to the fact that I have had the house to myself for two weeks (which enhances the fact that I am a light sleeper), I toss and turn all night.  Miss Darcy and her recent aversion to her crate aren’t helping either… She cries all night and all morning long… Ugh!  Hopefully when my parents return and finals are OVER I can get a good night’s sleep!

Motivated… I have come so far with school in the last few years that I am READY to take on the rest of my classes.  I finished all the BS ones and can really get into my major-specific ones and I am really, really looking forward to it 🙂

Restless… I just want to be done… Like I said before, I am almost 27… I want my life to begin!  I cannot wait for my big-girl job, my big-girl house, and my big-girl life!  I am so excited thinking about all of these things, but just want to be able to have them now, not two years from now!  I never really had the “end in sight” since I never stuck out school until now.  And now that I have, I am ready to move on! 😛

Whew!  I hope I didn’t sound TOO long-winded, but I thought I should get a little personal and let you know where I am and how I got here 🙂


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