Day Two In the Books!

Today started a little later than I would have liked.  I had alarms set for 5:30 and 6 AM this morning, figuring I would get up, get ready and be out the door for my 6 o’clock alarm… Yeah that didn’t quite happen.  I was out COLD after my first wake up call and then remained in bed until about 6:15.  My dogs (who are normally bums in the morning and barely lift their heads when I get up) flipped out that I was leaving them, which made me feel guilty so I played with them for a bit and hit the ground running around 6:30.  

Humidity was quite high (I think around 94%) and I forgot to pre-treat my asthma with my inhaler, but I made it through two miles without dying 😛 Instead of following a strict timing for walking/running, I would run on a song and walk the next.  I felt much more comfortable (safety-wise) leaving around sunrise rather than before!  

After my run, I crashed on my bed with a 70 lb pile of dogs at my feet 🙂


Right now, I am currently looking for a cross-training program to supplement my overall fitness and weight-loss goals, so any suggestions you have would be wonderful 🙂


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