Two Weeks In!

Hello everyone!  I just completed my second week of official training for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon!

My original plan was to do the beginner guide by Jeff Galloway, but I was excited to find that I was not feeling challenged at all so I bumped up into the “upright position” guide 🙂  Below I have documented my mileage/training for the past 2 weeks!

Week 1: 6.79 miles

Day 1: 2.03 mile run outside (30 min)

Day 2: 2.01 mile run outside (26 min)

Day 3: 2.75 mile run indoors (40 min)

Week 2: 9.58 miles (7.25 running miles)

Day 1: 3.25 mile run indoors (50 min)

Day 2: 2.33 mile brisk walk outside (45 min)

Day 3:  4 mile run indoors (1 hour)

Thrilled at the gym :P
Thrilled at the gym 😛

The other change in plans that I’ve had is that I started doing most of my workouts in my dad’s gym!  He has a great membership that allows him to bring guests for free so I am definitely taking advantage of that 🙂  This humidity/heat probably won’t go anywhere until at least September so running in the air conditioning has been SO much better!

School is going really well!  I am more than ready to be done.  Summer classes are no joke!  Lots of work crammed into 6 1/2 weeks… BUT we only have 5 more sessions including the final exam so we are almost done 🙂  We have one more big project due which is already resulting me re-introducing caffeine into my life- making me all the more thrilled that my Keurig was fixed last week!!! 🙂

Speaking of school, I am off to work on said project!  Have a great rest of your weekend!


6 thoughts on “Two Weeks In!”

  1. Great job on your Wine and Dine training!! The heat and humidity has really been killing me too! Will this be your first RunDisney race? Are you running any others?

    Thanks for participating in our RunDisney Blog Hop!

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