Keeping Busy!

Hello Hello!  Needless to say, school has been keeping me quite busy with projects/tests and a final on Monday, but I wanted to check in! 🙂


Like I said before, my training week started with a ROUGH run walk thanks to a massive side stitch, but thankfully, I had none the rest of the week!  I even got in a long run outside!  I was really proud of myself for completing it, let alone in the heat and humidity.  It was my longest run EVER at 5 miles!  I know I still have a way to go until I hit the W&D half in November, but I am on my way 🙂

Week 3: 11.36 miles!

Day 1: 3.54 miles inside (65 min.)

Day 2: 2.82 miles inside (40 min.)

Day 3: 5 miles outside (68 min.)

In other news, I got a job!  I get fingerprinted, my photo badge, and file all my paperwork next week and I will be a substitute teacher!  I am SO excited to be doing something in my future field!  I will take any and all of the experience I can get 🙂 (and earning a paycheck!)  It will work out SO nicely too since I have all night/online classes this fall.

This month in an effort to take more pictures, I will be following the August Photo a Day Challenge by Fat Mum Slim on Instagram.  Follow along with me!  

PS Is it really August already?!  Holy cow, this year is FLYING by!

What’s the longest run you have ever done?  Are you trying any walk/run strategies in your training? What are your interval speeds?


1 thought on “Keeping Busy!”

  1. Congrats on the job!!! How exciting —
    I’m trying to slow down the running part of my intervals until I can keep it consistent. Right now my run is about 11:30 and my walk really slows down
    Good luck in the new job and with training!!

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