Sick… Boo :(

Well, I did not intend to be absent this past week, but I got hit with a nasty virus/cold this past week and today has been the first day that I have had enough focus to write a coherent post, lol.

Tuesday morning, I woke up feeling like my allergies were going nuts: runny eyes, sore throat, etc.  so I took some meds throughout the day and that seemed to calm them… Then Wednesday morning rolled around and I felt AWFUL!  Like, middle of winter, every symptom on the NyQuil bottle sick 😦 While I still have a cough and a runny nose, thankfully, I can breathe again and keep my head up for more than an hour at a time 🙂 But seriously, who gets a cold in the middle of August… in FLORIDA no less?!  I always seem to get sick in the “off season.”  My allergies don’t bother me in the spring/fall like most people and I get colds in the summer… So odd!

Sick... Thankfully I have Doctor Darcy taking care of me!
Sick… Thankfully I have Doctor Darcy taking care of me!

Needless to say, I missed a week and a half of training 😦 I am SUPER bummed since I have been really dedicated to the program, but hopefully tomorrow will find me back at the gym at it again!

Though I missed week 5 in training, I haven’t updated you all on week 4:

Week 4: 12.82 Miles! (40.55 miles total!)

Day 1: 3.17 miles inside (46 min.)

Day 2: 2.84 miles inside (40 min.)

Day 3: 6.81 miles inside (93 min.)

My long run was mildly interrupted due to the fact that my treadmill refused to let me run more than 60 minutes 😦  Which I found out the hard way haha.  I think I might be getting my own membership to the gym soon and would LOVE to add some cross training on my non-run days…Any suggestions would be WONDERFUL!

As far as my new job, I was cleared through my fingerprints and background check to start training, so hopefully that will all get started tomorrow (since it’s all online) and then I will be all set!  I cannot wait!

All dressed up for work!
All dressed up for work! (and also a before shot of my hair!)

PS I also finally got my hair done today!!!

Getting highlights has to be the MOST flattering thing ever :P
Getting highlights has to be the MOST flattering thing ever 😛

Stay tuned for the finished product on my next post!

How are your runs going?  Are you adding any cross-training to supplement? Anyone participating in runDisney races at Disneyland in 2 weeks?


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