Back to It!

Well I am glad to be feeling better and to be back to training!  I’m not sure if other asthma sufferers out there are like me, but whenever I get a cold, it takes WEEKS to stop coughing/wheezing and feel totally back to normal :/  I have been pre-treating before each run with a couple hits from my inhaler which seems to help quite a bit.  Hopefully it will be gone for good soon!

I officially joined the gym!  It’s nice being able to go whenever I want and not have to wait and see if my dad can go (or even wants to for that matter), but I do miss being able to look over and make silly faces at him while I’m running, lol.

Post-run photo in the locker room!
Post-run photo in the locker room!

Like I said in my last post, I missed my week 5 runs (as well as the first one for week 6) from a nasty cold, but got in a couple miles to start to get back on track:

Week 6: 7.07 miles (47.62 miles total)

Day 1: 2.32 miles inside (36 min.)

Day 2: 4.75 miles inside (65 min.)

I wanted to hit the 6.5 miles on the training plan, but I started having some stomach issues at about 3.75 miles and it was clear a mile later that they were not going away so I called it a day.  This week I decided to add an extra mile on days one and two to build my legs up some more.

How is everyone’s week going?  I am trying to enjoy every last second of summer vacay since school (and the new job) start next week!  I am taking 17 credit hours this semester, so free time will probably become a thing of the past, lol.  Mom and I ventured south to the Gardens mall and wound up only purchasing new shoes and a card for a family friend’s wedding.  My parents are headed to the Keys for a few days and I’ll be home/at the beach with the pups for the long weekend!

A girl's best buddies!
A girl’s best buddies!

Oh, and I promised a shot of the new hair:


It’s a little lighter and a couple inches shorter with more layers to help conceal growing out when my hair was SUPER blonde.  While I really miss the light, light hair, this looks MUCH more natural and isn’t as obvious when I try to stretch my highlights longer than I should 😛

How are your runs going?  What types of snacks/meals are you eating in prep for your long runs?  Any more plans to get in before the end of summer?

2 thoughts on “Back to It!”

  1. I have Asthma too, and I HATE when I get sick. I get sick too often, and then it hangs and hangs… and that whole not breathing thing is AWFUL.

    I have only done Princess Half Marathon, so I am REALLY excited to see your Wine and Dine recap when it happens 😀

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