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Keeping Up!

I really feel badly about the fact I have been so busy lately to even blog, but that just seems to be the hand I have been dealt.  However, I am doing everything in my power to follow up on your blogs that I love reading so much 🙂

I officially signed a lease!!!  I am living VERY close to one of my favorite places in the world: Disney!!!  I will be living right down the street from one of my old apartment complexes and cannot wait!  The place is beautiful, GATED, and comes with a super friendly staff 🙂  I have been shopping like CRAZY getting ready to have my OWN place again, since I got rid of so many of my things when I moved in with roommates and later my parents.  I am so excited to move back to O-Town 😀

Speaking of a new life in Orlando, I have a job interview this Friday!!! I am so nervous for it, but it will be a great opportunity for me and it looks like a great job 🙂

I finished my cake class with cupcake flowers and a personal cake design (which I decorated for my best friend’s birthday):

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Training has slowed tremendously thanks to stress and exhaustion from school etc.  I have been getting in a couple runs here and there, but the plan is to do the rest of my runs at night at the gym since my neighborhood is REALLY dark after the sun goes down.  I can’t believe that the Wine and Dine half is in a week and a half!!!  I plan on just having fun and taking lots of pictures 🙂  I would love to meet any of my readers that weekend!  So let’s plan something 😛


1 thought on “Keeping Up!”

  1. I can’t believe how quickly W&D snuck up! I’m so excited for the race! I’m also so jealous of living in such proximity to Disney! And awesome cakes and cupcakes…I often wish I could just open a bakery where I do nothing but bake and decorate cakes.

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