Meal Planning, Training

Starting off the New Year Early!!!

Hello all my wonderful readers!  I am officially blogging from my beautiful new apartment in Orlando!  I am currently surrounded by mountains of boxes that will probably take me the length of my lease to unpack, lol.

I have decided to start my “New Year” a few days early with meal planning and training for some races, this time with Hal Higdon’s training plans.  Today started off with my first dive into the world of steel cut oats.  I made mine with skim milk and blueberries and enjoyed them with coffee (with York peppermint creamer, YUM) and a handful of raisins…which did not make it into the photo 😛


I wanted to run-walk today instead of rest (since it was a choice on the training schedule), but after running errands, cooking and working on the apartment, that just didn’t happen.  I made tuna salad for lunch and served it on WASA crackers (not my favorite) and a cup of raspberries:


Dinner tonight will be pork and applesauce, green beans, and a sweet potato with a salad… I made my life easier and prepped that along with all but two of my dinners for the rest of the week (which means I could try out all my new kitchen stuff!!!).

Hopefully tomorrow I will FINALLY post my recap from the Wine and Dine Half (has it almost been two months already?  Geesh!)


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