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Seeing all my hometown friends and family post about the snow makes me incredibly homesick… But since I’m “suffering” in sunny, warm Florida, I guess I can’t complain too much 😛

This week has been a bit lax on workouts on account of my trip south to see family and school starting.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be back on the road running!

A few days ago, I met up with my old roommate and we decided to go park hopping!  It was my first time in the parks (not running, of course!) since MAY and I was way overdue! 🙂 We decided to just walk around and enjoy being outside!  Coincidentally, one of my old students was visiting and we got to meet up for a little while!   He is graduating college soon and made me feel SUPER old!



Alexa and I grabbed lunch at Columbia Harbour House.  We split the chicken and fish combo (our usual order!) and walked around Magic Kingdom for a few hours (um, PS we totally saw Wendy Williams filming something in Fantasyland!  If anyone watches her show, look for me!  They were filming the crowd 😛 ).  Since most of the park is relatively unchanged since I was last there, we didn’t feel the need to wait for any rides.  We decided to head over to Hollywood Studios and walk around there for a bit.  Again, nothing different from the last time and didn’t want to wait for anything, haha.  Since Studios isn’t too big, we decided to walk to EPCOT and walk some more!  We stopped in Norway for a snack.  I have been DYING to try the school bread.  I am a quarter Finnish and make a killer pulla (a type of sweet, coffee bread) which, looking at the recipe, looks like a balding school bread (granulated sugar and egg wash on top… no coconut, custard or glaze).  I loved the school bread, but somewhat prefer the Finnish Pulla!  It was a bit too sweet for me to eat all at once… Thankfully I had someone to share it with 😛  Also, I LOAD my pulla up with extra cardamom since the flavor can get easily overshadowed by the sugar top.  I will post a recipe for the Pulla in an upcoming blog post!

Since I have moved into my own place, I have had many more opportunities to start cooking for myself.  A couple years ago, I came across the section of the Kraft website that has “1 Bag, 5 Dinners.”  This week (so far), I made spaghetti with zesty bolognese and beef stew.  I tried to snap some pictures, but between my phone’s camera acting up and the fact that neither recipe photographs particularly well, I will let you guys look at the websites to see for yourself 😛  The spaghetti was really good and flavorful!  I would probably try to break up the canned tomatoes more (I’m not really one for chunky tomato sauce), but wouldn’t change anything else!  As for the beef stew, I would definitely cook and drain the bacon much more than I did.  I also used onion powder instead of an onion and added more beef broth and garlic powder for flavor.  Yum-o!!!

That’s all for now folks!



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