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Makes Me Happy Mondays!

I have decided to start doing theme day blogs… both to make me more accountable with writing them and also to give me something else to talk about 😛

I am an avid reader of Peanut Butter Fingers.  Julie’s blog got me interested in healthy living and blogging in the first place.  I love reading her blog every day and look forward to her stories and posts about recipes and her favorite products.  A few months ago, she started “Things I’m Loving Fridays” where she discusses items/websites/etc. that appeal to her and possibly her readers!  So, in taking a note from her, I am starting “Makes Me Happy Mondays!”  I figure that Mondays can be depressing, and I want to start something that will boost my mood 🙂

Old pic, but COFFEEE :)
Old pic, but COFFEEE 🙂

Delicious!  I love coconut, but I am not one for chocolate flavoring in coffee.  Luckily, it’s almost completely masked by the yummy coconut taste 😛  I am guilty of putting an extra tablespoon (or more, haha) into my morning coffee!

  • Coupons!
Coupons, anyone? :)
Coupons, anyone? 🙂

I grew up with a mom who always used coupons anytime we went to grocery stores and even out to dinner!  It was an unwritten rule in our house that unless something was on sale or we had a coupon for it, we didn’t get it.  I also have been under the spell of shows like Extreme Couponing (though it is HIGHLY unrealistic since most places in the FL area do not double coupons and have rules about overages/coupon:product ratios).  I love organizing things and my coupons are no exception!  I have a binder that is alphabetically organized and constantly updated!  I also love the websites Coupon Divas and Couponing 101.  They post matchups for coupons (both from the newspaper and also online sources) with store ads (grocery/drugstore/etc.) to help you get the most out of your dollars and coupons!

Wonderful Stuff!
Wonderful Stuff!

I love when I find a product that is recommended and actually WORKS!  This lotion makes my skin SO soft and not greasy.  It also doesn’t make me break out, like MANY do!  I’m not thrilled with the scent, but others like it, so I guess it’s a personal preference (and it does fade fairly quickly, especially if you wear perfume/body splash).

Kicks my butt!  And I LOVE it!
Kicks my butt! And I LOVE it!

(photo property of Nike+ Training Club app!)

After hearing many people rave about it, I finally downloaded it for my iPhone.  It has SO many different workout ideas with minimal equipment requirements (some don’t need any!).  It also keeps you on task and lets you customize the workout and your music for the duration!  I love it and never feel bored!

All products and websites featured were personally selected by me.  I was not compensated in any way and all opinions are my own.

What products make you happy? Any suggestions for things for me to try?


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