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Planning Ahead!

While working part-time gives me plenty of time to get the things done that I need to on my days off, I still wish there were more days in the week!  I spent the first half of my day trying to find a new eye doctor who would accept my new health insurance plan.  I am super lucky and thankful to have found a new plan that was not only cheaper than my old one, but also offers dental and eye coverage!  Though locating a doctor that accepts it is proving a tad challenging, lol.  But I think I have found one!  I am SO overdue for an eye appointment… Britt needs some new glasses and contacts!

Unfortunately I could not fit in a run yesterday or today 😦  Today’s weather seemed to have it out for me:  I laced up my sneakers not once or twice but THREE TIMES.  Every time I started out the door, the sky opened up and decided to dump buckets of rain!

I did get lots done around my house though- coupons all organized, reorganized my kitchen cabinets, laundry, and cleaning!

Today I also booked lots of travel things!  First, I signed up for a new race!  I’ll be running the Memorial Day Veteran’s Run 10K in Punta Gorda!  I was so glad to find a race that I wouldn’t have to request off of work for 🙂  Hopefully I will have a good time to put me in a better corral for ToT and WnD!  Second, I booked my trip back “home” (Jersey) for one of my best friend’s weddings!  I am SO excited to be heading north, as it’s been almost two and a half YEARS since I’ve visited!  Plus another good friend of mine is having a baby next month so I’ll get to meet him while I am there too!!!


So what are you looking forward to in the coming months?  


2 thoughts on “Planning Ahead!”

  1. YOU are so so so lucky that you found a health insurance plan that is CHEAPER than your old one! Mine went UP x2!!! UGH!! And I don’t have dental or vision! #FAIL – I just had an eye appointment last week and BOOM – I got my first set of CONTACTS! And I filled my sexy green glasses with my prescription! I felt so productive and it only took 45 minutes to do it ALL 🙂

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