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My First Stitch Fix!!!

Okay so I mentioned yesterday that I would be receiving my first “fix” from Stitch Fix, and I was SUPER excited about it!  I already highlighted the basics in my previous post, so no need to rehash 😛

Let’s dive into the box!


So first of all, how cute is the pattern inside the box???  I loved the little details and personal feel of what I received.

IMG_5464 IMG_5851IMG_0122

I had a note written from my stylist talking about how to pair the items and why they were picked for me!  I received two tops, one cardigan, one pair of jeans and one dress.


  • Tulip Top

IMG_3485 IMG_2635  IMG_7562 IMG_9851

So this piece got me the MOST excited when I went through the box!  It’s a cheerful, bright yellow with a subtle white tulip print.  While it did look nice on, the stitching on the arms made lifting them at all quite difficult, let alone when I tried to take the top off (it would have made a great YouTube video, lol).  The other thing I did not like about the top was the seam going right down the middle of the shirt!  If that was in the back, I probably would have kept it, but alas, it’s going back!

  • Blue Tank

IMG_6030 IMG_3907 IMG_0703

This top made me cringe.  I gave it the benefit of the doubt and tried it on, but no dice!  I did NOT like the pattern or the overly SOLID trim around the neckline.  It also completely hid whatever semblance of a figure i have and gave me a boxy shape that made me look SUPER flat-chested.  No thanks!

  • Coral Dress

IMG_5543 IMG_5308

I REALLY wanted to like this dress, but it just did not fit me right.  Too tight in some places, too loose in others.  And I have a longer torso and where the band hit me too high accentuated my hourglass shape in a really strange way.  I loved the color though, out od nearly all the clothes I have purchased in the last year, probably half are some shade of coral, haha!  Sending back!

  • Skinny Jeans

IMG_3735 IMG_8605

I have a really tough time finding any jeans that fit me well, let alone skinny jeans!  These were SO comfortable and the perfect color, but did not fit well.  I had them pulled up (like to almost Steve Urkel proportions) and the crotch still was low!  Not to mention the length-they could have doubled as socks since they covered more than half of my feet, lol!  The one plus was that they did fit my hip area, but the rest (upper thigh through the ankle) were baggy.  Maybe next time?

  • Striped Cardigan

IMG_1469 IMG_4245 IMG_2975 IMG_4692

Living in FL, we are subjected to scorching hot temperatures outside while business counteract with artic temps inside!  I always have some sort of cover up when I go out- scarf/wrap, cardigan, sweatshirt, etc. so I was happy to see one in my fix!  This sweater is super lightweight and a great color that can go with almost anything!  I love that I can leave it draped in the front (it lays really nicely!) or wrap it around more!  Needless to say, I kept it!

Overall I was pleased with 4/5 of the picks for my fix, but unfortunately only 1 piece fit well enough to keep (but my wallet was happy, lol).  I already am set for my next fix to come (right before my birthday!) and hope that my feedback will translate into an even better fix next time!

I signed up for Stitch Fix on my own and was not compensated in any way.  All opinions are my own.


4 thoughts on “My First Stitch Fix!!!”

      1. April 24th. I’m so pumped! I didn’t set up for a recurring shipment though… I would definitely spend way too much if I did that

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