Oopsies… Can I blame it on finals again?

So… It’s June.  Almost July.  And I have not blogged in 2 months…. yeah.  That’s pretty much how life has been, lol.  I decided to take summer classes and let’s just say that a 4+ month Bachelor’s course crammed into a little more than a month has been NO fun!

I also took a trip back to Jersey!!!  One of my best friends from back home got married and it was WONDERFUL!  I hadn’t been back in two and a half years so it was MUCH appreciated.  Note to self: do NOT go that long again without visiting!!!

I also have not felt motivated to post because I have been struggling with being “fit fit.”  I injured my foot (being clumsy, of course) and bruised a bunch of tenons along the arch of my foot.  While most shoes continued to fit no problem, the insole of my running shoes all hit right where the majority of the pain centered.  The inability to run on the regular without pain combined with the stresses of school and work have also wrecked havoc on my diet.  

17 Things People On A Diet Are Tired Of Hearing

I gained back more of the weight than I thought I had (stepping on the scale… ouch!) and while not completely back to square one, I feel discouraged and even less amped to run or work out.  

I am hoping by posting today and airing my faults (we all have ’em!), I can move on and get back on the right track!  


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