Playing Tourist! And a WILD Trek!

I mentioned yesterday that I have had multiple family members visiting Disney lately.  Being somewhat experienced in what Disney has to offer, I was MORE than willing to play tourist alongside my family members to ensure we all had a great time.  I even got to experience something BRAND NEW to me at Disney!  Let’s get started…

My mom’s cousins have started coming to Disney almost yearly since Charlene adopted her daughter, Amy.  Amy is at that perfect age to really enjoy many of the things that Disney has to offer.  She is also NOT shy, haha.  She loved meeting the characters and starting conversations with anyone who would talk back to her 😛

(From L to R) Charlene, Amy, and I in front of the Castle!
(From L to R) Charlene, Amy, and I in front of the Castle!
Amy entertaining a Small World CM :)
Amy entertaining a Small World CM 🙂
Amy and Princess Sophia
Amy and Princess Sophia

Soon after my cousins went back home, my dad came to visit.  I had made plans for him and me to do Disney’s Wild Africa Trek months ago (call it a belated Father’s Day/Birthday present for him), and we finally set the date.  We did an afternoon trek and with our luck, the weather forecast looked PRETTY grim… I’m talking 100% chance of thunderstorms all day long.

BUT somehow, we made it through (almost) the entire day without a drop of rain!  After we were fitted for our gear, we started off the tour by walking down the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail.

Wild Africa Trek 002 Wild Africa Trek 003 Wild Africa Trek 004

We were hoping to catch sight of one of the new baby gorillas, but no dice.  However, one of the males beat his chest to impress some ladies 😛  It was SO much louder than I would have thought it would be!

We continued along for a little while, then went through a “secret door” and were met with our harnesses for the trek!  After gearing up, our first stop was the hippo lookout!  While one of the hippos couldn’t have cared less that we were there, the other one was all to happy to be fed!

Wild Africa Trek 006 Wild Africa Trek 007 Wild Africa Trek 008 Wild Africa Trek 009 Wild Africa Trek 010 Wild Africa Trek 017

I think they are SO adorable… and it’s so surprising that they are responsible for more human deaths than any other large animal!  This was also our first family photo op:

Wild Africa Trek 012 Wild Africa Trek 011

We then trekked through the woods to get to the infamous bridges!

Wild Africa Trek 022 Wild Africa Trek 023 Wild Africa Trek 025

Unfortunately, the crocodiles were not in their pens today, but it was still a thrill to be walking from up that high and on a bridge with missing beams!

Wild Africa Trek 063 Wild Africa Trek 064 Wild Africa Trek 067 Wild Africa Trek 069 Wild Africa Trek 070

It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it might be.  My advice?  Step on the center of the beams.  I channeled my former-gymnastic self and was able to keep my balance really well with little to no need for any hesitation or missteps!

We then boarded our private truck and headed out to the safari!  Some of the giraffes were being stubborn and wouldn’t get out of the road, which was fine by us!  We got some great photos!

Wild Africa Trek 086 Wild Africa Trek 087 Wild Africa Trek 094 Wild Africa Trek 096 Wild Africa Trek 097 Wild Africa Trek 102 Wild Africa Trek 103

We headed over toward the elephants next…

Wild Africa Trek 104 Wild Africa Trek 105 Wild Africa Trek 106

And then it was chow time!  Unfortunately I don’t have any images from lunch, but it was SO yummy! My dad had the meal as prepared.  I had special ordered mine since I have a bell pepper allergy.  The only changes made were plain hummus instead of the roasted tomato-flavored hummus, no veggies with the salmon and dill roulade, and some type of sauced chicken instead of the tandoori shrimp!  I couldn’t believe how tasty everything was!  We also had some great photos from the boma!

Wild Africa Trek 108 Wild Africa Trek 127 Wild Africa Trek 128 Wild Africa Trek 129

We then finished up our trek through the safari!

Wild Africa Trek 130 Wild Africa Trek 133 Wild Africa Trek 135 Wild Africa Trek 136 Wild Africa Trek 137 Wild Africa Trek 138

We had a GREAT time!  I would absolutely do it again in a heartbeat!  We lucked out with the weather and it wasn’t deathly hot like it can be on a September afternoon in FL!  We learned a LOT while on the tour and had wonderful guides!

Wild Africa Trek 140

Have any of you done the Wild Africa Trek?  What was our favorite part?  Have you done any of Disney’s other tours?


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