Makes Me Happy Mondays IV- Race Edition

Popping in for a quick post!  Before I start on my latest installment of “Makes Me Happy Mondays,” I’d like to give you all a brief update!

I was able to participate in the Wine and Dine half marathon this past weekend at Disney.  My foot held up just fine, some achy pain, but nothing affecting my race.  However, due to the less than ideal weather (the skies opened up just prior to the start and continued the entire race) and being a klutz, I managed to tweak my hip in between miles 3 and 4.  I ended up walking WAY more than I would have liked to, but managed to start running again after mile 9 and finished!  Albeit about an hour over my usual half marathon time, but I finished!  My full recap will be coming soon with lots of photos!


On to Makes Me Happy (race edition)- (warning, some blister/chafing chat ahead, but nothing too bad, I promise!)

I decided to dress up a bit this year for the race.  I chose Sparkle Athletic products due to their back story of being running women and for my fondness of According to Kelly‘s blog and instagram posts 🙂  I went with a purple sparkle skirt, pink arm bands and (later purchased for the rain) purple visor!


I loved how lightweight the skirt was (didn’t even feel like I had it on) and that I could wear my own personal choice of capris (or shorts/pants) underneath.  The armbands I was a bit nervous about.  I ended up buying too large a size a couple weeks ago, but they were FANTASTIC about exchanging them for me at the expo since I had never worn them!  They stayed up the entire race, even in torrential rain!  I normally do NOT like running with anything more than a ponytail holder on my head, but when the forecast called for lots of rain, I knew I needed something to keep the rain off my face.  So, in order to match the rest of my ensemble, I purchased a visor at the Wine and Dine expo!  It was great!  Kept my face dry and held up wonderfully in all the rain!  I already ordered pieces for my next race from Sparkle Athletic!

Body Glide has always been my go-to for preventing blisters and chafing.  I am prone to blisters on my heels, under my big toe, and the side of my “ring” toe.  Being a curvier girl, I never wear shorts running without pre-treating with BG.  I started Googling running long distances in the rain to look for tips to make the race as pleasant as possible.  I treated my toes, problem foot areas, around EVERY seam in my outfit- along the inseam, bottoms and top of my running capri tights, all around my sports bra line, the top and bottom of my armbands as well as the inner seam of those, and around where my arms could rub on my shirt.  I then coated my feet completely with Aquaphor as recommended.  The consistency was a bit greasy, but it’s more absorbent than regular petroleum jelly and allows the skin to breathe a bit better.  I only suffered 1 blister and ZERO chafing after running 13 miles in the rain.  I was prepared for the worst when I took of my shoes to discover that one of my formerly pristine white socks was now pink, but luckily it was just a tiny hole on my the side of my toe!

  • CoverGirl Mascara and Revlon Eyeliner

I pretty much NEVER run with any sort of make up on.  My face is SUPER absorbent as it is and I do not need to add to my skin issues (seriously, I have more breakouts now in my late 20s than I ever did as a teen!).  However, I have light eyelashes and if I don’t have anything on, I look tired/sick/sad (or any other comment that people make when you aren’t wearing make up, lol).  Since I knew I wanted lots of pictures this year, I decided to try to wear some make up and if it ran off in the effort of running of the race/washed away with the rain, oh well.  HOWEVER, it stayed nearly perfect!  I couldn’t believe when I got home and looked in the mirror and it still was there, not running down my face!


I used CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara (in waterproof) and Revlon ColorStay Eye Liner (the crayon type, not liquid).  As far as mascaras go, CoverGirl makes most of my favorites!  They are super affordable (especially with sales and coupons) and hold up as well as many that are more expensive!  I discovered Revlon ColorSay liners when I was looking for a waterproof liner a few years ago.  I have really watery eyes so I was always on the lookout for something with some staying power.  Enter Revlon.  The eyeliner goes on smoothly, has a built-in sharpener, and comes in LOTS of colors!

What are some things that make you happy?  Anyone else run swim the Wine and Dine Half this weekend?  Any other races?


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