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She’s Back!

So… It’s probably an understatement to say that I’ve avoided my blog for a little while… But I can tell you it’s been the most life-changing and eventful time of my life. I’ll gloss over the details today, but stay tuned for more about the journey from the last post to now!

  •  I graduated from college!  In August, I completed my bachelors degree in organizational management from Indian River State College!


  • I left Disney and went to work for an insurance company! I knew that as much as I loved Disney, it would not be a career for me. I was hired by a big insurance company in October and said my goodbyes to my favorite characters and left the magic behind.

  • I moved out of the state!  The above insurance job was in North Carolina so I backed up my one bedroom apartment in Orlando and headed to the Charlotte area. I am by no means a hot weather person so the change of seasons has been SO nice! While it will still be hot in the summer, I got to see the leaves change and SNOW so I am in heaven!


  • I quit my job without having another one to fall back on.  While I did very well in the company for a newbie, my experience was not a good one. My office underwent several “restructuring” measures and each time brought difficult changes and shuffling.  Without going into details, it was very stressful and overwhelming.  Then one of my family dogs passed away.  I had a breakdown and looked at everything going on in my life. My job was making me miserable… and not in a “I am new and don’t know what I’m doing” sense, but more of a job being a poor fit for me.  So with the support of my loved ones, I left the job with no backup plan.


  • I got a dog!  About a month and a half after the big move, my dog fever got the best of me and the local shelter called my name.  Originally, the plan was to get a six month old shepherd mix, but a five year old Saint Bernard Mix won my heart.  Bentley (formerly known as Murphy) is the best 60 pounds of love and fur that money could ever buy.



  • Last, and the BIGGEST   news of all….. I’M GETTING MARRIED! Yes you read that right.  Now this isn’t as sudden as it may seem to you all, but shortly after my last post, I started dating Kyle.  We actually met when I was training for my job as a vacation planner back in February of 2014 :O.  Now granted we did not become an official couple until December, we got reacquainted when he was transferred to EPCOT and the rest as they say is history!  He and I moved to North Carolina together in October and got engaged on Christmas Eve.  We are deep into wedding planning mode with our wedding date set for October of this year!

Whew!  I am sure you all have questions about some of these life events and I promise that they are coming in the next few posts!  Until then… I have missed you all and can’t wait to get back into the blog world!



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