Once Upon A Time

So probably the most common question when planning a wedding is “How did you meet?”  Kyle and I have it down to a few sentences, but where’s fun in that?  I’ll start with our journey to where we are today…


Once upon a time, Brittany and Kyle decided to do the Disney College Program.  They both were accepted to the Fall Advantage 2011 program.  May 23rd started their Disney journey


with both picking the same apartment complex


and had the same Traditions time and date.


Kyle and Brittany made friends with our roommates and coworkers and even spent time at each others work locations, but never officially met.




After our program ended in January, they both stayed in Orlando to continue working for Disney, Brittany staying at the Luau and Kyle trying new jobs.  Kyle eventually made it to vacation planning, where he became a trainer and facilitator…

As luck would have it, when Brittany decided she wanted a change, there was an opening in vacation planning.  After a shaky first interview, she had an amazing second one and was offered a job.  On Brittany’s first day of Magical Vacation Planning, they finally met… problem was, they were both dating other people.  While Brittany thought Kyle had a great personality and loved that he was into musical theatre and Kyle thought Brittany was cute, they both went on their separate ways once training ended.

Brittany began work at Epcot while Kyle went on to a stint in guest relations at MK.  Then, there became a coordinator position available at Epcot right around the time Kyle’s temporary assignment ended.  Kyle scored the coveted role and once again, the two were in the same place at the same time.  This time, both were single, and Kyle knew he wanted to be with her.

Brittany had other ideas.  While she liked Kyle, she was focused on school and trying to further her career with Disney.  Even with all this, she still gave Kyle her number, but flat out told him she would not date him.  Kyle wasn’t taking no for an answer and after months of getting to know one another and asking, Brittany agreed to go out with him.

Vacation planning offers an opportunity from time to time where planners could get paid to play in the parks and bring along a coworker.  Kyle won and chose to have Brittany go with him.  Thus, Brittany got paid to go out with him 😛


A week later, they went on their first official date, and the rest is history!



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