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Where Have You Been?!

Needless to say, I have neglected this blog 😦  It certainly wasn’t my intention to disappear for so long, but alas, here we are!  I plan on documenting my husband (yep, we’ve already gotten married) and my wedding over the next few weeks!

Like I said, we got married, and it was WONDERFUL!  We are almost six months in, and I still can’t believe I am married and Kyle is my husband.  We went on our honeymoon the morning after the wedding and got right back to reality.  I was lucky enough to have my wedding and honeymoon braces-free!  I’m a complete metal mouth now and things seem to be moving along.  I hit the six month mark at my last appointment so hopefully (if things keep progressing well), I should be all done with them by this time next year!

Being part of another family also gained me two nieces, with a third who joined the family in December.  We were lucky enough to go meet the new baby a few days after she was born and needless to say, it only raised the degree of baby fever I’ve had for… too long, haha.

I hosted my first Thanksgiving last year!  Our tiny two-bedroom apartment was overflowing with Kyle’s family.  We were joined by his mom, stepdad, two teenage half-sisters, and their friend.  I had some help by way of Fresh Market, but added my own dishes and desserts.  Needless to say, I enjoy being the hostess, but would be much happier in a bigger place next time.

Speaking of bigger place, we moved! We were given the option to renew our lease, but the rate was much more than we were expecting.  We knew we wanted a bigger place for family to visit us more comfortably, a larger kitchen for my sanity (plus the generous wedding gifts we received), and hopefully a yard or a better place for our dog, Bentley.  While we were sad to leave the Lake Norman area, we hit the jackpot of houses with our new home in Concord!   Not only did we get everything on our list, our yard is fenced in with a small dog house, has a patio and fire pit, and the location is great!  We are close to shopping and restaurants, and the drive (while about the same distance) avoids most of the congestion on 77 for Kyle’s (and my) job!  We plan on staying put until we buy (or if a dream job elsewhere comes along).

My job?  Oh yes, I am actually getting ready to start a new job next week 🙂  I am working part time for a very familiar company… Disney!  While not a career by any means, I am excited to have something for me that will help Kyle and I continue our pilgrimage to the mouse and love of Disney!
That’s about all for now! 



1 thought on “Where Have You Been?!”

  1. Wow I can’t believe I found a blog that has so many familiar references – Lake Norman, Concord, I-77!! I am from Mooresville NC but living in Alaska. Miss that area!

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