Spring Break

How is it that no matter how great a vacation, 1.  You never want it to end and 2.  You need a week to recover πŸ˜›

A week ago, Kyle, Bentley, and I packed up the car and headed to my parents’ house in sunny south Florida.  We had a day with my parents before my brother and his girlfriend arrived in time for dinner on Easter.  Bentley has a very adverse reaction whenever he sees us packing in any form (the move was the WORST) and absolutely nuts at home. He normally is great for long car rides, but he seemed to be in rare form for the 9 hour drive.

We arrived very early Saturday morning (like 4 AM) and enjoyed sleeping in, swimming in the pool, and going out to dinner to celebrate my birthday early (less than a month until the big 3-1).

Sunday, the plan was to meet up with a couple members of the bridal party in West Palm, but we discovered that there was a baseball game at the local Single A stadium.  We got bogo tickets and enjoyed the beautiful breezy Florida day with our friends.  They joined us back at the house as well for Easter dinner which was a wonderful time spent with family and friends!

Monday was our last real day in Florida so naturally we wanted to spend it in the pool πŸ™‚  Bentley and Darcy are best buddies so they had plenty of playtime and stealing each other’s toys and beds lol. 
​​Later that day/night, my parents had some family friends over for appetizers, drinks and conversation.  Many of the guests were also guests at our wedding so it was nice to see them again.

Tuesday, sadly, we left to come home to Charlotte.  On the way home, we naturally had to stop at WaWa twice to gas up and get hoagies and other northern goodies that aren’t available in NC (Herr’s chips = <3).  Bentley was night and day better on the way home and the perfect road trip companion.

The past couple of days have included work for Kyle, an orthodontist visit for me (which they are hinting may come off sooner rather than later, woo!), and cleaning/laundry/grocery shopping… what exciting lives we lead πŸ˜›


Anyone do anything fun for Easter/Spring Break?

What regional foods do you love that you can’t get where you live?

Do you have pets?  How do they do on road trips?


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