Makes Me Happy VI

Happy Monday!  The weather in Charlotte went from gorgeous on Saturday to flooding and chilly the past two days.  Gotta love that crazy spring weather 😛  For today, I am going to share things that make me smile even when it is dreary outside!


Binge watching new-to-me TV shows:

My husband and I have very similar tastes when it comes to the majority of televisions shows and movies.  While I will watch pretty much anything, my husband doesn’t like anything horror/scary, lots of blood etc. so some of the programs I want to watch, he refuses to, lol.  After lots of hinting, Kyle finally agreed to start watching Game of Thrones with me.  He loves that fantasy realm a la Lord of the Rings so he figured that this would outweigh the violence and gore and so far we are hooked!  I have watched several random episodes when staying with friends and family over the past few years so it has been great to start from the beginning.


How GREEN everything gets:

I inherited the gardening gene from my dad.  I love planting herbs, fruits, and vegetables and watching them grow and using them in recipes.  I knew we were in for some heavy, heavy rain so I wanted to make sure that I got the last of my plants transferred from indoors to out so they could settle before the weather came.  One of the most interesting things living in our new home is seeing random plants pop up from time to time.  While we were away for Easter, we came home to beautiful amaryllis flowers in what looked to be a long-abandoned flower bed 🙂  I have lost count of the number of text messages to my dad asking what the plants growing around our yard are and if they were weeds, lol.  When the rain comes in spring, the grass, plants, and trees all look beautifully green and healthy.  Green is my absolute favorite color and being able to look out my window and see my yard and planters overflowing with the color make me so happy.


Getting creative with pantry and freezer staples:

When the weather gets nasty, something happens to my husband and I (and I would guess most people) that makes us not want to leave the house for anything.  I had some items in the refrigerator pegged for specific meals, but would have needed other ingredients from the store to complete them.  Instead, I looked to the pantry and freezer and got creative.  Chicken breasts combined with condensed cream soup and rice in the crock pot became a hearty, comfort food perfect for dreary weather. I marinated a pork tenderloin in condiments and herbs and paired it with potatoes and grilled vegetables from cooking out for a yummy meal with the taste of sunnier weather thanks to the veggies.   Tonight will include pasta, homemade sauce and meatballs from the freezer.  Tomorrow looks to be the last of the nasty weather so I will be making BBQ turkey meatloaf with potatoes to stretch out grocery shopping an extra day!


What do you like to do when the weather prevents you from going out? Any binge-watchers out there?

What’s your favorite color? 

What kind of meals do you like to cook from your pantry or freezer?


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