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Makes Me Happy Mondays VIII

Hey y’all!  These past few months have absolutely FLOWN by!  SO as a special edition of Makes Me Happy Mondays, I am saying my favorite thing that has happened each month since we last spoke šŸ˜›

May: Meeting Family Members

Kyle and I were very lucky to meet one of our nieces for the very first time!  We had his mom and family visit us for Memorial Day Weekend, and at the last minute we found out that we would have a special guest, Alexis!  

It was so much fun having her stay with us here in the Charlotte area.  We went to a Knights game, playground, and out to lunch together.  Alexis also helped me garden and we set up our sprinkler for a break from the afternoon heat.  We are already looking forward to the next time she comes to see her Uncle Kyle and Aunt Brittany!


June: SO much!


It’s probably no surprise that my hubby is a HUGE wrestling fan… To the point where if there is an event within two hours of our current address or a pay-per-view within two hours of family, we go!  In the beginning of June, we made the trip up to Baltimore for Extreme Rules.  Bentley got to make a new friend (my in-law’s new pup, Charger), and we spent lots of time with his family there.  Our friends from Jersey even made the two hour drive to come and see us and go swimming!  The long weekend flew by and we found ourselves back in Charlotte and looking forward to our next time with them: vacation in July.

New Puppy-

After seeing how well Bentley got on with Charger, Kyle and I had a serious conversation about getting another dog.  Bentley has always done much better at home without us if there is a friend there (Darcy when my parents visit/we visit my parents or Charger at Kyle’s parents’ home).  Since I knew my housewife days were coming to an end, we decided to check out one of our local rescue organizations.  There, we met Miss Carmella (originally Clarke a la “The 100”).  

She has been such an energetic (and sometimes crazy) and sweet addition to our family!  Bentley seems to be adjusting well, though maybe not as happy to share his mama with the little princess šŸ˜›

New Job-

As I mentioned above, my days of working around at home have come to an end.  I started working at a local vet, and I LOVE it!  It’s something I have wanted to do for a long time and while I am still getting the hang of it, I actually enjoy going to work and all of my coworkers (plus getting to play with adorable pups all day? yes please!).


July- Myrtle Beach Vacation

The last week of July, Kyle and I met up with his family for a week-long vacation in Myrtle Beach.  We had such a great time at the beach, in the pool, out to dinners and mini golfing! 

 It was amazing and with the exception of a few passing storms, the weather was close to perfect.  We are trying to find a way to convince the rest of the family to move this way and keep the vacay going šŸ˜›


That brings us to now.  Kyle and I have been working a lot and spending any time not at work with each other.  The next couple months will have us travelling and doing some awesome things in the Charlotte area, and we are very much looking forward to it!


What’s going on with you guys???

Any fun plans for the next few months?

Where did you spend vacation this year?


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