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Where Have You Been?!

Needless to say, I have neglected this blog ūüė¶  It certainly wasn’t my intention to disappear for so long, but alas, here we are!  I plan on documenting my husband (yep, we’ve already gotten married) and my wedding over the next few weeks!

Like I said, we got married, and it was WONDERFUL!  We are almost six months in, and I still can’t believe I am married and Kyle is my husband.  We went on our honeymoon the morning after the wedding and got right back to reality.  I was lucky enough to have my wedding and honeymoon braces-free!  I’m a complete metal mouth now and things seem to be moving along.  I hit the six month mark at my last appointment so hopefully (if things keep progressing well), I should be all done with them by this time next year!

Being part of another family also gained me two nieces, with a third who joined the family in December.  We were lucky enough to go meet the new baby a few days after she was born and needless to say, it only raised the degree of baby fever I‚Äôve had for‚Ķ too long, haha.

I hosted my first Thanksgiving last year!  Our tiny two-bedroom apartment was overflowing with Kyle‚Äôs family.  We were joined by his mom, stepdad, two teenage half-sisters, and their friend.  I had some help by way of Fresh Market, but added my own dishes and desserts.  Needless to say, I enjoy being the hostess, but would be much happier in a bigger place next time.

Speaking of bigger place, we moved! We were given the option to renew our lease, but the rate was much more than we were expecting.  We knew we wanted a bigger place for family to visit us more comfortably, a larger kitchen for my sanity (plus the generous wedding gifts we received), and hopefully a yard or a better place for our dog, Bentley.  While we were sad to leave the Lake Norman area, we hit the jackpot of houses with our new home in Concord!   Not only did we get everything on our list, our yard is fenced in with a small dog house, has a patio and fire pit, and the location is great!  We are close to shopping and restaurants, and the drive (while about the same distance) avoids most of the congestion on 77 for Kyle‚Äôs (and my) job!  We plan on staying put until we buy (or if a dream job elsewhere comes along).

My job?  Oh yes, I am actually getting ready to start a new job next week ūüôā  I am working part time for a very familiar company… Disney!  While not a career by any means, I am excited to have something for me that will help Kyle and I continue our pilgrimage to the mouse and love of Disney!
That’s about all for now! 


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30 Flirty and Thriving… With Braces???

Since my wisdom teeth came in over ten years ago, I have been relatively unhappy with my smile. ¬†I spent a good 3+ years in braces through middle school to only have those years nearly erased by shifting teeth. ¬†Looking at pictures of myself, especially in the last few years, I noticed that I wasn’t really smiling with my teeth anymore. ¬†All photos had me either open mouthed and excited (blocking much of my teeth), smiling with my mouth closed, or kind of zoomed out and only on one side of my mouth.

When I turned 30 earlier this year, I decided to start looking into smile fixes, specifically Invisalign. ¬†I have seen several of my friends and favorite bloggers (Peanut Butter Fingers¬†and¬†A Healthy Slice of Life)¬†find success with the process and thought it could work for me too. ¬†They also mention that many of their patients are former braces-wearers and just want to get back to the perfect smile. ¬†Before I could have a consultation, I had to have a LOT of dental work done. ¬†While I don’t grind my teeth, I do clench my jaw. ¬†Needless to say, it has left my back teeth riddled with tiny cavities that I had to have fixed (around 13 in all!!!). ¬†My mouth has been poked, prodded, drilled, filled and SORE for the last two months!

When I finished all the dental work, it was time for my Invisalign consult. ¬†I had those NASTY molds taken of my teeth and in two weeks, a digital week-to-week mock up of the treatment process was presented to me. ¬†It was really cool to see a computer generation of my current smile to what it could look like 22 weeks later! ¬†While the finished product was much better than what I am currently working with, it wasn’t perfect. ¬†My front two teeth are a bit bigger and lower than the rest of my teeth (though not as bad as when I was a kid… flash backs of those spaced buck teeth… yikes!). ¬†And while Invisalign closed the gap and straightened them out, the lengths of my teeth were still relatively different from tooth to tooth. Not to mention, Invisalign is NOT cheap. ¬†I knew that going in, but WOW, lol.

I decided to do more research on my own and look at patient reviews from people with similar issues as mine.  I was very surprised to see that while their providers recommended Invisalign and put them through the months (and even years) of treatment only to have to get traditional braces later to actually fix their smiles!  A few people mentioned that unless you are only dealing with crowding or gaps, you should go through an orthodontist.  They are more trained to work with moving teeth around than traditional dentists.  So, I called a local orthodontist.

I did not have the best experience with my orthodontist back in the day. ¬†With a few exceptions, everyone there was miserable! ¬†The hygienists were rough and not personable. ¬†The orthodontist was about 10 years PAST when he should have retired and barely paid attention to what he was doing (seriously, he always watched TV while working on you and dropped things on you because he got distracted… not fun). ¬†BUT coming from a small town, there wasn’t really a choice for where to go. ¬†And all in all, the finished product was great and for about 5 years after, life was good!

The orthodontist I found was NIGHT AND DAY a different experience… even from the moment I called. ¬†Everyone was so friendly and helpful. ¬†They seemed genuinely happy to be there and to be helping their patients. ¬†I went through all my concerns and what I had researched about Invisalign vs. braces etc. ¬†They also confirmed much of what I had read about braces being a better option for me. ¬†Since I am getting married in a month and a half, I was concerned about my smile and wanted to get a start to maybe improve my smile by then… but I did NOT want braces in my pictures (call me vain, but #sorrynotsorry). ¬†They mentioned that braces could help move my teeth faster for more improvement by then AND they could remove them right before the wedding and put them back on after the honeymoon. ¬†SOLD!

Braces have come a good amount of way since I had them almost 20 years ago. ¬†I have ceramic ones which are relatively clear aside from the bar going across (which right now is thicker than it will be when the braces get put back on). ¬†The gap in my front two teeth is already GONE… and it hasn’t even been a week yet! ¬†Unfortunately, since they are trying to do a lot in a short amount of time, I was warned I will be in a good amount of pain and for much longer than if I was just getting regular braces in¬†a normal timeline. ¬†Since I have been in and out of the dentist a LOT in the last few months, not being able to eat normal food has been pretty much the norm… only now I also have to be careful with the braces, not just pain. ¬†But I am very excited to see where my teeth will be in October for the wedding, and then again in a year or so when I finish up!

Here’s to a lifetime of smiling!


Have you had braces or Invisalign?

How old were you?  

Any two (or three+) timers with orthodontics?  


Once Upon A Time

So probably the most common question when planning a wedding is “How did you meet?” ¬†Kyle and I have it down to a few sentences, but where’s fun in that? ¬†I’ll start with our journey to where we are today…


Once upon a time, Brittany and Kyle decided to do the Disney College Program.  They both were accepted to the Fall Advantage 2011 program.  May 23rd started their Disney journey


with both picking the same apartment complex


and had the same Traditions time and date.


Kyle and Brittany made friends with our roommates and coworkers and even spent time at each others work locations, but never officially met.




After our program ended in January, they¬†both stayed in Orlando to continue working for Disney, Brittany¬†staying at the Luau and Kyle trying new jobs. ¬†Kyle eventually made it¬†to vacation planning, where he became a trainer and facilitator…

As luck would have it, when Brittany¬†decided she wanted a change, there was an opening in vacation planning. ¬†After a shaky first interview, she¬†had an amazing second one and was offered a job. ¬†On¬†Brittany’s first day of Magical Vacation Planning, they finally met… problem was, they were both dating other people. ¬†While Brittany thought Kyle had a great personality and loved that he was into musical theatre and Kyle thought Brittany was cute, they both went on their separate ways once training ended.

Brittany began¬†work at Epcot while Kyle went on to a stint in guest relations at MK. ¬†Then, there became a coordinator position available at Epcot right around the time Kyle’s temporary assignment ended. ¬†Kyle scored the coveted role and once again, the two were in the same place at the same time. ¬†This time, both were single, and Kyle knew he wanted to be with her.

Brittany had other ideas. ¬†While she liked Kyle, she was focused on school and trying to further her career with Disney. ¬†Even with all this, she still gave Kyle her number, but flat out told him she would not date him. ¬†Kyle wasn’t taking no for an answer and after months of getting to know one another and asking, Brittany agreed to go out with him.

Vacation planning offers an opportunity from time to time where planners could get paid to play in the parks and bring along a coworker. ¬†Kyle won and chose to have Brittany go with him. ¬†Thus, Brittany got paid to go out with him ūüėõ


A week later, they went on their first official date, and the rest is history!


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She’s Back!

So… It’s probably an understatement to say that I’ve avoided my blog for a little while… But I can tell you it’s been the most life-changing and eventful time of my life. I’ll gloss over the details today, but stay tuned for more about the journey from the last post to now!

  • ¬†I graduated from college! ¬†In August, I completed my bachelors degree in organizational management from Indian River State College!


  • I left Disney and went to work for an insurance company! I knew that as much as I loved Disney, it would not be a career for me. I was hired by a big insurance company in October and said my goodbyes to my favorite characters and left the magic behind.

  • I moved out of the state! ¬†The above insurance job was in North Carolina so I backed up my one bedroom apartment in Orlando and headed to the Charlotte area. I am by no means a hot weather person so the change of seasons has been SO nice! While it will still be hot in the summer, I got to see the leaves change and SNOW so I am in heaven!


  • I quit my job without having another one to fall back on. ¬†While I did very well in the company for a newbie, my experience was not a good one. My office underwent several “restructuring” measures and each time brought difficult changes and shuffling. ¬†Without going into details, it¬†was very stressful and overwhelming. ¬†Then one of my family dogs passed away. ¬†I had a breakdown and looked at everything going on in my life. My job was making me miserable… and not in a “I am new and don’t know what I’m doing” sense, but more of a job being a poor fit for me. ¬†So with the support of my loved ones, I left the job with no backup plan.


  • I got a dog! ¬†About a month and a half after the big move, my dog fever got the best of me and the local shelter called my name. ¬†Originally, the plan was to get a six month old shepherd mix, but¬†a five year old Saint Bernard Mix won my heart. ¬†Bentley (formerly known as Murphy) is the best 60 pounds of love and fur that money could ever¬†buy.



  • Last, and the BIGGEST¬†¬†¬†news of all….. I’M GETTING MARRIED! Yes you read that right. ¬†Now this isn’t as sudden as it may seem to you all, but shortly after my last post, I started dating Kyle. ¬†We actually met when I was training for my job as a vacation planner back in February of 2014 :O. ¬†Now granted we did not become an official couple until December, we got reacquainted when he was transferred to EPCOT and the rest as they say is history! ¬†He and I moved to North Carolina together in October and got engaged on Christmas Eve. ¬†We are deep into wedding planning mode with our wedding date set for October of this year!

Whew! ¬†I am sure you all have questions about some of these life events and I promise that they are coming in the next few posts! ¬†Until then… I have missed you all and can’t wait to¬†get back into the blog world!



Makes Me Happy Mondays IV- Race Edition

Popping in for a quick post! ¬†Before I start on my latest installment of “Makes Me Happy Mondays,” I’d like to give you all a brief¬†update!

I was able to participate in the Wine and Dine half marathon this past weekend at Disney.  My foot held up just fine, some achy pain, but nothing affecting my race.  However, due to the less than ideal weather (the skies opened up just prior to the start and continued the entire race) and being a klutz, I managed to tweak my hip in between miles 3 and 4.  I ended up walking WAY more than I would have liked to, but managed to start running again after mile 9 and finished!  Albeit about an hour over my usual half marathon time, but I finished!  My full recap will be coming soon with lots of photos!


On to Makes Me Happy (race edition)- (warning, some blister/chafing chat ahead, but nothing too bad, I promise!)

I decided to dress up a bit this year for the race. ¬†I chose Sparkle Athletic products due to their back story of being running women and for my fondness of According to Kelly‘s blog and instagram posts ūüôā ¬†I went with a purple sparkle skirt, pink arm bands and (later purchased for the rain) purple visor!


I loved how lightweight the skirt was (didn’t even feel like I had it on) and that I could wear my own personal choice of capris (or shorts/pants) underneath. ¬†The armbands I was a bit nervous about. ¬†I ended up buying too large a size a couple weeks ago, but they were FANTASTIC about exchanging them for me at the expo since I had never worn them! ¬†They stayed up the entire race, even in torrential rain! ¬†I normally do NOT like running with anything more than a ponytail holder on my head, but when the forecast called for lots of rain, I knew I needed something to keep the rain off my face. ¬†So, in order to match the rest of my ensemble, I purchased a visor at the Wine and Dine expo! ¬†It was great! ¬†Kept my face dry and held up¬†wonderfully in all the rain! ¬†I already ordered pieces for my next race from Sparkle Athletic!

Body Glide has always been my go-to for preventing blisters and chafing. ¬†I am prone to blisters¬†on my heels, under my big toe, and the side of my “ring” toe. ¬†Being a curvier girl, I never wear shorts running without pre-treating with BG. ¬†I started Googling running long distances in the rain to look for tips to make the race as pleasant as possible. ¬†I treated my toes, problem foot areas, around EVERY seam in my outfit- along the inseam, bottoms and top of my running capri tights, all around my sports bra line, the top and bottom of my armbands as well as the inner seam of those, and around where my arms could rub on my shirt. ¬†I then coated my feet completely with Aquaphor as recommended. ¬†The consistency was a bit greasy, but it’s more absorbent than regular petroleum jelly and allows the skin to breathe a bit better. ¬†I only suffered 1 blister and ZERO chafing after running 13 miles in the rain. ¬†I was prepared for the worst when I took of my shoes to discover that one of my formerly pristine white socks was now pink, but luckily it was just a tiny hole on my the side of my toe!

  • CoverGirl Mascara and Revlon Eyeliner

I pretty much NEVER run with any sort of make up on. ¬†My face is SUPER absorbent as it is and I do not need to add to my skin issues (seriously, I have more breakouts now in my late 20s than I ever did as a teen!). ¬†However, I have light eyelashes and if I don’t have anything on, I look tired/sick/sad (or any other comment that people make when you aren’t wearing make up, lol). ¬†Since I knew I wanted lots of pictures this year, I decided to try to wear some make up and if it ran off in the effort of running of the race/washed away with the rain, oh well. ¬†HOWEVER, it stayed nearly perfect! ¬†I couldn’t believe when I got home and looked in the mirror and it still was there, not running down my face!


I used CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara (in waterproof) and Revlon ColorStay Eye Liner (the crayon type, not liquid).  As far as mascaras go, CoverGirl makes most of my favorites!  They are super affordable (especially with sales and coupons) and hold up as well as many that are more expensive!  I discovered Revlon ColorSay liners when I was looking for a waterproof liner a few years ago.  I have really watery eyes so I was always on the lookout for something with some staying power.  Enter Revlon.  The eyeliner goes on smoothly, has a built-in sharpener, and comes in LOTS of colors!

What are some things that make you happy?  Anyone else run swim the Wine and Dine Half this weekend?  Any other races?


Playing Tourist! And a WILD Trek!

I mentioned yesterday that I have had multiple family members visiting Disney lately. ¬†Being somewhat experienced in what Disney has to offer, I was MORE than willing to play tourist alongside my family members to ensure we all had a great time. ¬†I even got to experience something BRAND NEW to me at Disney! ¬†Let’s get started…

My mom’s cousins have started coming to Disney almost yearly since Charlene adopted her daughter, Amy. ¬†Amy is at that perfect age to really enjoy many of the things that Disney has to offer. ¬†She is also NOT shy, haha. ¬†She loved meeting the characters and starting conversations with anyone who would talk back to her ūüėõ

(From L to R) Charlene, Amy, and I in front of the Castle!
(From L to R) Charlene, Amy, and I in front of the Castle!
Amy entertaining a Small World CM :)
Amy entertaining a Small World CM ūüôā
Amy and Princess Sophia
Amy and Princess Sophia

Soon after my cousins went back home, my dad came to visit. ¬†I had made plans for him and me to do Disney’s Wild Africa Trek months ago (call it a belated Father’s Day/Birthday present for him), and we finally set the date. ¬†We did an afternoon trek and with our luck, the weather forecast looked PRETTY grim… I’m talking 100% chance of thunderstorms all day long.

BUT somehow, we made it through (almost) the entire day without a drop of rain!  After we were fitted for our gear, we started off the tour by walking down the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail.

Wild Africa Trek 002 Wild Africa Trek 003 Wild Africa Trek 004

We were hoping to catch sight of one of the new baby gorillas, but no dice. ¬†However, one of the males beat his chest to impress some ladies ūüėõ ¬†It was SO much louder than I would have thought it would be!

We continued along for a little while, then went through a “secret door” and were met with our harnesses for the trek! ¬†After gearing up, our first stop was the hippo lookout! ¬†While one of the hippos couldn’t have cared less that we were there, the other one was all to happy to be fed!

Wild Africa Trek 006 Wild Africa Trek 007 Wild Africa Trek 008 Wild Africa Trek 009 Wild Africa Trek 010 Wild Africa Trek 017

I think they are SO adorable… and it’s so surprising that they are responsible for more human deaths than any other large animal! ¬†This was also our first family photo op:

Wild Africa Trek 012 Wild Africa Trek 011

We then trekked through the woods to get to the infamous bridges!

Wild Africa Trek 022 Wild Africa Trek 023 Wild Africa Trek 025

Unfortunately, the crocodiles were not in their pens today, but it was still a thrill to be walking from up that high and on a bridge with missing beams!

Wild Africa Trek 063 Wild Africa Trek 064 Wild Africa Trek 067 Wild Africa Trek 069 Wild Africa Trek 070

It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it might be. ¬†My advice? ¬†Step on the center of the beams. ¬†I channeled my former-gymnastic self and was able to keep my balance really well with little to no need for any hesitation or missteps!

We then boarded our private truck and headed out to the safari! ¬†Some of the giraffes were being stubborn and wouldn’t get out of the road, which was fine by us! ¬†We got some great photos!

Wild Africa Trek 086 Wild Africa Trek 087 Wild Africa Trek 094 Wild Africa Trek 096 Wild Africa Trek 097 Wild Africa Trek 102 Wild Africa Trek 103

We headed over toward the elephants next…

Wild Africa Trek 104 Wild Africa Trek 105 Wild Africa Trek 106

And then it was chow time! ¬†Unfortunately I don’t have any images from lunch, but it was SO yummy! My dad had the meal as prepared. ¬†I had special ordered mine since I have a bell pepper allergy. ¬†The only changes made were plain hummus instead of the roasted tomato-flavored hummus, no veggies with the salmon and dill roulade, and some type of sauced chicken instead of the tandoori shrimp! ¬†I couldn’t believe how tasty everything was! ¬†We also had some great photos from the boma!

Wild Africa Trek 108 Wild Africa Trek 127 Wild Africa Trek 128 Wild Africa Trek 129

We then finished up our trek through the safari!

Wild Africa Trek 130 Wild Africa Trek 133 Wild Africa Trek 135 Wild Africa Trek 136 Wild Africa Trek 137 Wild Africa Trek 138

We had a GREAT time! ¬†I would absolutely do it again in a heartbeat! ¬†We lucked out with the weather and it wasn’t deathly hot like it can be on a September afternoon in FL! ¬†We learned a LOT while on the tour and had wonderful guides!

Wild Africa Trek 140

Have any of you done the Wild Africa Trek? ¬†What was our favorite part? ¬†Have you done any of Disney’s other tours?


She’s BACK…

To say my foot injury has been a damper on my training would be the GREATEST UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY. ¬†Seriously… It’s been torture trying to come back and every day is still a struggle. ¬†Some days, I barely notice it, but others I can barely make it through a mile without hobbling for two days after.

Because of this, I had to make the decision to skip the Tower of Terror 10 Miler. ¬†Devastated party of me! ¬†BUT in order to give myself the best shot at running (or at least run-walking) the Wine and Dine half next month, I knew I shouldn’t push myself.

What else have I been up to? Well, school rules my world, with a side of work (at Epcot during Food and Wine to add to the crazy excitement) and a dash of a social life.  My parents have been travelling a LOT so I have also been on doggie duty!  While I love the silly pups, I miss having my (small) apartment to myself, lol!  They are very people-oriented and quite the Velcro dogs, especially when there is only one person to follow around!

But I know the second I’m away from them, I miss them like crazy!

In order to combat¬†the drastic drop in my activity leading to weight gain, I am also partaking in the 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge. ¬†I have been posting on my Instagram account daily and encourage you all to join in! ¬†It’s a great way to start (or finish your day) with a boost of fruits and veggies! ¬†Some recipes have been better than others, but I enjoy trying new things, especially when I have access to my parents’ Vitamix ūüėõ

So later this week I will be posting on some of my “tourist” days at Disney! ¬†I had family in town a couple times in the last month and have some great photos and experiences to share! ¬†I hope you are all doing well!